Infant Day Care Las Vegas a Top Concern

Infant Day Care Las Vegas a Top Concern

When it comes to infant day care Las Vegas, there are lots of choices in the valley for new moms and dads to choose from and caring for an infant can be challenging. However when your child is part of a first-class childcare program, the results can benefit both child and parents.

At Kidz Preschool, we understand just how precious your baby is.
Our infant day care Las Vegas program is designed to meet the needs of newborns from six weeks to one year of age.

We’ve designed an astonishing world to help cultivate the daily development of infant minds and bodies. More than just a day care, your baby starts his or her learning journey with us and we’ll work with you to make sure the transition is a smooth and happy time for both of you; creating a strong bond in a setting that feels like family.

At this early stage of development, whether we rock, sing, smile, coo or hum, we develop a bond with your little one as he or she begins to discover his or herself, the caregivers who watch over them and the environment around them at Kidz Preschool.

Our teachers make certain that your child engages in all of the activities that necessary for them to reach their developmental milestones. Our infant day care Las Vegas staff knows and understands how to encourage your child as these wonderful milestones approach.

We promise we will look after all of your child’s daily needs, the same way you would. We’ll also stimulate your baby’s emotional, cognitive and physical development. Our specially trained infant teachers not only build a bond of trust with your little one, but with you, providing a warm, loving, special environment where your baby will build confidence and develop positive, trusting relationships.

At Kidz Preschool communication is essential! Keeping an open line of communications between parents and teachers are paramount for your baby’s best infant day care Las Vegas experience.

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