About Us

Our Philosophy:

At Kidz Preschool our goal is to help support parents, while providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for their children. We aim to provide the foundation children will need to continue their education when they are ready to move on, and are commited to providing age appropriate programs that stimulate the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, sensory, and creative development of each child.

We realize that the developmental needs and interest of each child are unique, and believe that every child is to be valued, respected, and cherished for the individual he or she is. At Kidz Preschool every child learns and grows by actively participating with their class, and our curriculum focuses on the concept that children learn best through play.

Las Vegas and Henderson Day Care

Our Staff:

Teachers set the foundation for learning, and at Kidz Preschool not only is our staff selected for their love and desire to teach children, but they are also very carefully screened and trained. Prior to working at one of our centers, all teachers must provide us with a Sheriffs Card (which requires extensive state mandated background checks), a Health Card (which requires medical clearance), CPR/First Aid Certifications, and verifiable references.

Each of our lead teachers have a CDA Degree in early childhood, and are constantly involved in mandatory on-going training, completing a minimum of 20 credit hours per calendar year. This keeps the their ideas fresh, and up to speed with all the latest preschool standards and teaching methods.

Las Vegas and Henderson Day Care

Safety & Security:

Monitor Your Children With “Watch Me Grow” Application

At Kidz Preschool your child’s safety always comes first. Our front desk is always staffed, so there’s no worry about an unauthorized entry. Our watchful eyes monitor any guests who may drop in, and all visitors must sign the visitor’s log and state the purpose of their visit. No visitor is ever left unsupervised by our staff members.

Our facilities include a secured coded entry, so only staff and families with the protected code can access the entrance. We also have a full alarm system which lets us know when any door or window is opened during the day. Each child must be checked in and out on the touch screen computer daily, using a unique PIN code given only to parents or others that are authorized to pick up the child. No child is releases to an adult without proper authorization.

In addition, every classroom is equipped with a security camera. The owner and front office staff can easily observe classroom activities throughout the day, even when they are away (via computer). In fact, you will also be able to watch your child through these cameras. Just sign into our secure and password protected website from home or work, and you will never have to worry about what your child is doing at school again.

Holiday Closings:

Our centers are officially closed on the following days:

* New Years Day * Independence Day

* Presidents Day * Memorial Day

* Thanksgiving & The Day After * Labor Day

* Christmas Day

Note: If any of these holidays falls on a Saturday or Sunday, they may be observed on Friday or Monday. In addition, the centers will only be open until 1PM on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.