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What is STEM?
STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

What is Preschool STEM?
Preschool STEM is a story time, geared at preschoolers ages 3-6, which explores Science, Engineering and Mathematical concepts through picture and nonfiction books, games and related hands-on-activities. Technology is also utilized in the Preschool STEM program, but due to the age of the participants, it is not as much of a focus as Math, Science and Engineering. Parents are expected to actively participate with their children throughout the program.

Our in house curriculum coordinators specifically designed our age appropriate curriculum to meet the needs of infant to pre-k. Beginning in our infant classroom we implement the use of baby yoga, sign language, and vocabulary. During our feeding and diaper changing times we offer an array of educational songs in conjunction with small finger play toys that utilize fine motor skills.

What is Preschool STEM

With a busy schedule made up of many educational and developmental activities, our toddler program ranging in ages 12 to 24 months enjoy many things. Some aspects of the toddler program curriculum include music and movement time, sensory play, and art time. During music and movement time you will find our toddlers exploring their creativity through dance and play while continuously developing their growing motor skills. While at sensory time the children are able to stimulate their senses while they play, create, and investigate. At Kidz Preschool we feel sensory play is a key ingredient in children’s development, cognitively, linguistically, socially, and emotionally. At art time children are able to create works of art while at the same time expanding their knowledge and imagination.

Our preschool program ranging in ages 3 to 5 years, with its kindergarten readiness curriculum will ensure that your child is fully prepared for the next step in their education. With the use of directed centers, child assessments, and small literacy groups you can be assured that your child’s education is growing with them. During directed centers children have the opportunity to explore the many centers of the classroom. These centers include many aspects which are designed to help your child grow socially, emotionally and developmentally. Our student assessments are routinely fulfilled three times per year. Through assessments you will be able to see the vast progress of your child’s education, while also developing a strong relationship with your child’s teacher. Small literacy groups which are practiced twice daily include small reading groups, the use of educational games, and writing groups. We believe that the use of smaller group sizes help to better focus the children on the task at hand.

At Kidz Preschool we strive to offer the best education for our leaders of tomorrow. While not only having a strong curriculum, but implementing it daily. With a qualified staff who have a passion for teaching you can be assured that while in our care your children will not only be in a loving environment, but one rich in education.

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