Our Technology

We have integrated effective technology into our classrooms in several ways. This is an effective way of introducing technology in a fun inviting atmosphere. Our technology-based learning activities are developed with your child in mind and extend our classrooms and their brain activity much further.

This is one of the entities that’s makes Kidz Preschool children enjoy their day.

Remember we are “Where Learning is Fun”

With our integrated Smart Board Technology, our nooks, our multi-touch screen computers and the regular keyboarded computers your child has a variety of technology at their fingertips.

Our highly trained teachers engage students into their lesson plans with hands on interaction. This practice encompasses all the varieties of learning, great for our auditory, visual & kinesthetic learners too. These are all accredited programs. These programs help expand your child’s critical thinking skills, pre literacy, math, language, social studies and science.

Kidz Preschool believes by offering a variety of technology students will not only learn the educational fundamentals of the software, but also hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and the ability to navigate software.

Kidz Preschool is proud to be in partnership with Cranium Kids and

Kidz Preschool is proud to be in partnership with Cranium Kids and

Both these programs are great additions to our outstanding curriculum. These activities include games, songs, books, and more, all of which have many academic and developmental benefits for young children.

The SMARTBoard®, combined with our exclusive curriculum, is the most effective tool in education today that creatively advances the foundation for your child’s early years of development.

Kidz Preschool believes that our technology will help the education and enrichment of preschoolers. We understand that technology will continue to play a growing and important role in the world in which we live.