Facility Standards

Facility Standards

Cleanliness & Sanitation Standards

We take pride in our clean, and safe facilities. Our Staff is trained in infectious disease prevention and understand the best methods to ensure the health and safety of each child from infant child care through preschool age. Each staff member must complete several mandated courses prior to being hired onto our team.

Daily Checklists are completed and include the following:

Disinfecting classrooms, equipment and toys happens at each naptime, and during the day as needed.
• All meals and snacks are prepared in a health inspected approved kitchen away from classrooms.
• Rooms are equipped with checklists so teachers can ensure each room is clean and tidy. These are verified nightly with our administration.
• All locations have a laundry room for efficient cleanliness and proper storage of cleaning products.
Nursery items are laundered daily.
Washing hands is no joking matter at Kidz Preschool our children use child-size sinks so we can teach proper hand washing with soap and warm water, making cleanliness an everyday habit!
We wear gloves to prevent germs. We use precaution and wear disposable gloves to impede the spread of germs.
• Toys and shelves are completely Sanitized Daily at naptime, by washing a shelf a day at our sinks, scrubbing them with soap and water to prevent build up and keep our kids healthy.
• USDA balanced meals are served daily, in their classrooms where children as most comfortable. Sanitization procedures including sanitizing the tables, proper hand washing techniques are used through-out the day.

We rise to the highest standard at Kidz Preschool by employing a professional janitorial company to clean the classrooms. Classroom carpets are shampooed regularly and floors cared for weekly.

Security of Facilities

We Take Security & Safety Serious!

Hiring Process – All our staff goes through an intense hiring process. Teachers are given licensing & state-mandated background checks. Schooling and ECE credits is mandatory for our lead teachers. Our Payroll company does extensive checks as well.

Front Desk – Our front desk is always staffed so there’s no worry about an unauthorized entry. All of our facilities have a touch screen entrance system, which only allows approved adults through our doors to get the children. In addition, our staff always questions any one they may not be familiar with.

Security Cameras – Every childcare classroom has security cameras for front desk monitoring, as well as for parents to view on their way in or out. The Regional director’s, owners as well as our staff easily observe classroom activities throughout the day, from any hand-held or computer off site as well. We have partnered with Watch Me Grow specifically to service you with any computer issues, so you can have piece of mind and you’re little one at your viewing pleasure all day long from a secure website. You can watch your child through a secure, password-protected Internet site. This is a great tool for parents to have no worries while your child is learning with us at Kidz Preschool.

Alarmed Facilities – All our facilities include a secure alarms building. Whenever a door is opened, the front desk staff is aware of who is going and coming in from the playgrounds.

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