Affordable Day Care in Las Vegas

Affordable Day Care in Las Vegas

As parents, we always seek to give the best to our beloved children. From carefully researched baby formulas to state-of-the-art toys to highly qualified babysitters, we strive to ensure our children are well taken care of. At Kidz Preschool, our goal is to continue that meticulous care while preparing children to enter the beginning of their lengthy academic journey. Quality, affordable day care in Las Vegas is our passion.

Our specialized programs are designed to boost early development and encourage healthy imaginations in the minds of those who hold the future in their hands.

Our infant care program not only comes with unlimited rocking and coo-ing of your children, but also introduces infants to the contemporary sport of baby yoga.

Our Toddler and Two’s program, developed for children 12-36 months old, introduces children to healthy social interactions and self awareness through the use of stimulating activities, creative arts, and imaginative play. We also include daily Spanish lessons so that your children can have an early start on their conquest of the world.

Our preschool program immerses children in all the world has to offer from academic learning and scientific discoveries to dramatic play and music. We encourage them to be architects of their futures, playwrights of their own adventures, and gardeners of the dreams they sow.

We at Kidz Preschool are not only committed to your children, but also to you. Our 9 locations around Las Vegas, including our North Las Vegas Day Care, make it easy to get affordable day care in Las Vegas near you. Enrollment is quick, easy, and available online here. Tour schedules can also be conveniently scheduled with the click of a mouse. Don’t delay in laying the foundation for your child’s bright future; Contact us today!

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