Day Care Costs Las Vegas

Day Care Costs Las Vegas


Day care costs Las Vegas remains a hot button topic among parents of preschoolers all across the valley.

Throughout the 2016 presidential election child care costs and day care costs were major debate topics, first between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and then between Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump.

It was Sanders who first brought up the issue, saying “Every working family in America knows how hard it is today to find affordable childcare or early childhood education.”

And he was right. When we previously reported on day care costs Las Vegas, we explained how Nevada was among 31 states nationally where the costs of child care could exceed the cost of college tuition and fees.

The Clinton campaign underlined that fact when it stated, “These high costs severely squeeze working families, prevent too many children from getting a healthy start, and act as a disincentive for parents to stay in the workforce.”

On average, the cost of putting an infant in day care across the state accounts for about 13% of an average married couple’s median income. Nationally, Nevada ranks 11th in the country for day care costs with day care costs Las Vegas varying.

And even Ivanka Trump got into the fray when she said during a speech that if her father were elected president, “He will make childcare affordable and accessible to all.”

She too recognized that unless your employer provides childcare vouchers, day care has almost become unaffordable.

Luckily for families in the Valley, we understand the challenges that come along with escalating day care costs Las Vegas and as such have created programs to meet the budgetary needs of the families who place their children in our care.

To learn more about our programs, or to get a price quote, contact Kidz Kidz Kidz at (702) 269-5439, or schedule a tour today!

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