Day Care North Las Vegas

Day Care North Las Vegas

Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool provides a lot more than just keeping an eye on your child as an ideal Day care North Las Vegas.

While it seems easy to observe your little one’s physical growth as they get bigger, taller and stronger, is their development in other areas being measured to see if their emotional or social development for their age is on track?

Being your child’s first teacher and working with the parent, Kidz Kidz Kidz Preschool Day care North Las Vegas is in a great position to study and evaluate whether your child is developing skills that are appropriate for their age. There are little hints and signs that can help you understand what your child should be learning and doing – and how you can support them as they grow.

We know and understand what emotional and social skills your child should be developing by the time they are three or four years old. Here is a list of age-appropriate milestones for a child of that age. How does your child compare in each area?

  • Can he or she correctly provide their age and gender?
  • Can he or she easily say their first and last name, as well as the names of his or her parents?
  • Can he or she takes care of their own needs, such as getting dressed, washing their hands or brushing their teeth?
  • Does he or she help with household tasks?
  • Does he or she adjust to new situations without an adult being present?
  • Has he or she started to notice other people’s moods or feelings?
  • Has he or she begun to recognize their limits and ask for help from others?
  • Has he or she started to learn how to take turns, share and cooperate with other children?
  • Has he or she begun expressing anger with words rather than acting out physically?

At Kidz Preschool our goal of being a top Day care North Las Vegas is to help support parents as we strive to present the foundation children need.

To learn more about our Day care North Las Vegas programs and to get a price quote, contact us at (702) 269-5439, or schedule a tour today!


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