Infant Day Care Henderson NV

Infant Day Care Henderson NV

When thinking about infant day care Henderson NV, there are many choices across the valley for new fathers and mothers to decide on as selecting the right place can be challenging.

At Kidz Kidz KidzPreschool, we understand just how important and loved your newborn is. That is why with a first-class childcare program, the results can benefit both child and parents.

Our infant day care Henderson NV program is designed to meet the needs of babies from six weeks to one year old. We’ve created an amazing curriculum to help nurture the daily development of infant minds and bodies.

At this early stage of development, whether we rock, sing, smile, coo or hum, we create a strong bond with your little one as they begin to discover themselves, their caregivers and the environment around them. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure the transition from home to daycare is a smooth and happy one for both you and your baby; creating a strong bond in an atmosphere that feels like family.

Our teachers make sure that your child participates in all of the activities that necessary for your little ones to accomplish their developmental milestones. Our infant day care Henderson NV staff knows and understands how to instill confidence in your child as these wonderful goals are reached.

We promise to look after your infant’s daily needs the same way you would. We’ll also stimulate your child’s emotional, cognitive and physical growth. Our specially trained infant teachers will not only build a bond of trust with your child, but with you, providing a warm, loving, special setting where your baby will build confidence and develop positive, trusting relationships.
Keeping an open line of communications between parents and teachers is essential for your baby’s best infant day care Henderson NV experience.

To learn more about our programs and to get a price quote, contact us at (702) 269-5439, or schedule a tour today!

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