Before & After School

At Kidz Henderson and Las Vegas, we offer this program to allow parents to bring your child to our facility when it opens and we will bring your child to and from the local elementary school.

Please check with individual facilities to see which Las Vegas Valley Elementary schools they service daily. Children that are enrolled in our Before & After School Program, are allowed first option of care during spring break, school days off and any holidays for elementary school. Daily rates will apply.


Summer Camps

School Age

Kidz Preschool knows about the ups and downs of school-age kids. Your maturing son or daughter wants to feel and be “grown up” yet they still need the comfort, security, and support of a structured program. Our Kidz Club in Las Vegas and Henderson is for tons of summertime and track break fun! Designed with all ages and personalities in mind we provide an engaging, entertaining, and (don’t tell them) educational experience for all children.

We call it “Edutainment” Education & Entertainment all at once. Special weekly themes introduce students to faraway places, exotic animals, famous people, challenging activities and much more. Whether an explorer, inventor, sports star or artist, your child will be able to make friends and have a safe supervised environment. Your child will have a summer of fun and a lifetime of memories.

A few examples of the themed weeks we offer:

• Mad Science
• Field trips
• Experiments
• Arts & crafts
• Science projects
• Water park days
• Movies