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Infant Care Las Vegas

Infant Care Las Vegas

Your baby is precious to us. Our Las Vegas Infant Care program is designed to meet the needs of newborns 6 weeks of age to one year old. We will rock, coo, sing, smile and develop a close bond with your baby. At these early stages of development the infant is beginning to discover himself, the people who care for him or her, and the environment around them. Our local Las Vegas specially designed Infant Care program provides a warm, secure and comforting setting. Through planned experiences and individual attention your infant will get all the necessary help and development connections he or she will need for later learning.

Infant environment
Infant Developmental Milestones:

 Every child is an individual and will follow her own unique path toward developing.
 However, Las Vegas infant teachers know the developmental milestones and are there to help your little one reach for them daily. Our Teachers ensure your baby engages in all of the activities necessary for her to reach the milestones. Our staff knows how to encourage your child at these wonderful milestones. For example, if your infant is close to pulling up and raising her head up herself, the teacher might plan some of the motor activities that stimulate neck and back muscle development. Tummy time is a great way to accomplish that.

We promise we will take care of his daily needs, the same way you do. We’ll also stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. Our specially trained Las Vegas Infant teachers build a bond of trust with your baby and with you, and provide a warm, loving, special environment where he’ll build confidence in himself and develop positive and trusting relationships.

Communication is Key
Keeping an open communication line between parent and teachers is essential for your child’s best Infant Care experience.  We have several ways of accomplishing that here at Kidz Preschool:

• Infant Daily Reports- This report lists the time and nature of all activities throughout your babies day- sleeping, eating, diapering routines and any special notes that need to be relayed to you.  Be sure to pick up your copy daily.

• Parent Corner- offers all kinds of informative literature to help you in your parenting venture, newsletters, and extra classes offered here for your child’s benefit.  This area also has all new up to date information posted as it comes available to our staff.

• Most important there are plenty of opportunities to connect face-to-face with your child’s infant teacher anytime you drop-off or pick–up your child.  If that’s not convenient for you, we are always available for phone conferences or meetings should the need arise.

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