Toddler and Two’s

(12 Months – 36 Months)

Toddlers are busy little learners with big, new worlds to explore. At this age they are learning so many exciting new things each and every day. They are constantly meeting new challenges as fast as they can. They are learning how to communicate with other children as well as how to handle their many emotions. Their mobility and activity level expands and guides them to the next development stage. Kidz Preschool encourages their independence, teaches self awareness, and nurtures language and motor skills daily.

Our Toddler Classrooms:

Each specially designed toddler classroom is built to accommodate this age group, which is active and mobile and ready for expanded exploration opportunities. Soft play equipment to enhance large muscle development and special concepts. Low shelves contain picture-labeled containers to encourage self-help. Your toddler can easily help himself to the materials and, eventually, as she transitions to our Two’s and Early Preschool classrooms, help put them back as well.

Las Vegas and Henderson Day Care and Pre School

Educational Centers

Our various play and learning materials are arranged into clear and distinct centers. Below are a few examples of what each of these important centers offers developmentally for your toddler:

• Active and Gross Motor Play – Includes rocking toys, riding toys, and large climbing structures.

• Fine Motor Play and Manipulatives – Including action and reaction toys, puzzles, and stacking objects.

• Imagination and Quiet Play – Includes doll items, kitchen sets, play food, and other pretend play items.

• Language Development and Music and Movement – Includes cassette players, children’s books, musical instruments, and puppets.

• Creative Arts – Includes art materials, a sand-and-water table, and sensory materials such as tactile play materials

Communication is Key

Keeping an open communication line between parent and teachers is essential for your child’s best preschool experience.  We have several ways of accomplishing that here at Kidz Preschool:

• Daily Reports – This report lists the time and nature of all activities throughout your child’s day- sleeping, eating, diapering routines, potty training updates and any special notes that need to be relayed to you.  Be sure to pick up your copy daily.

• Parent Corner – Offers all kinds of informative literature to help you in your parenting venture, newsletters, and extra classes offered here for your child’s benefit. This area also has all new up to date information posted as it come available to our staff.

• Most important there are plenty of opportunities to connect face-to-face with your child’s infant teacher anytime you drop-off or pick-up your child.  If that’s not convenient for you, we are always available for phone conferences or meetings should the need arise.

At the 2 year old age, your child will begin experimenting and interacting with other children as well as their environment around them. Social skills are worked on daily. Some of the special features of our two year olds day include:

Music & Movement
Circle time which includes Sign Language, songs and phonics review daily
Sensory & Science Activities
Spanish lessons are introduced daily too.

Our 2 year old s are consistently on the go and being introduced to different concepts and hands on activities daily. Potty training starts in this room as well. We are ready to start when you tell us.

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