“I like that Kidz preschool provides quality childcare at affordable prices. My daughter even said, “I like the teachers because they are really, really nice!”
– Colleen & Mom (Preschool)

“Kidz preschool has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. We love it here! Best thing I’ve ever done! Kidz Preschool has helped my daughter get ready for Kindergarten—ABC’s, 123”s spelling, everything. She loves coming everyday.”
– Kelly & Mom (Preschool)

– Edin & Mom (Preschool)

– Tanner & Mom

“Sean has been loved and cared for by this amazing staff since he was an infant, and having previously being in childcare myself, I wouldn’t bring him anywhere else. He won’t leave until he gives all the ladies a hug.”
– Sean & Mom (Toddler Class)

“I don’t have to worry about the hands that Wyatt is in when he can’t be in mine. I love Kidz Preschool! They give me piece of mind!”
– Wyatt & Mom (Infant Room)

“We love Kidz Preschool because the teachers really care about my kids, and they understand and work with us.”
– Alexis, Amari, & Mom (Before & After School Class)

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